Congo Basin Frontiers of Science Symposium on Security of Biodiversity, Climate, and Natural Resources

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Attendees will discuss advances on biodiversity security, climate security and natural resource security through three sessions, each led by two co-chairs:


Biodiversity Security

(Taxonomy and biodiversity inventories, ecology and global change, Conservation in Practice, Conservation and indigenous knowledge, dependence of ecosystem services to biodiversity and their valorization, OneHealth)

Co-Chair 1:

Dr. Eric Nana,
- University of Oxford, UK &
- IRAD, Yaounde, Cameroon

Co-Chair 2:

Dr. Justine Germo,
- Institute of Medical Research and Medicinal Plants Studies (IMPM), Yaounde


Climate Security

(Climate security in the current and future global conflict landscape, Climate justice, Climate diplomacy, Climate change, water management and food security, Climate-related transboundary pests and diseases, including relevant aquatic species, Climate change and disaster risk management)

Co-Chair 1:

Prof. Tofel Haman,
- Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Systems,
- University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom &
- University of Bertoua, Cameroon

Co-Chair 2:

Prof. Thomas Edison De La Cruz,
- University of Santo Tomas Philippines


Natural Resource Security

(Informing decision making for natural resource-related risks, responding to natural resource-related hazards, Implication of natural resource security, key factors, determinants of and relationships underpinning natural resources conflicts, Gender dimensions of resource conflicts and security, Sustainable Management of natural resource)

Co-Chair 1:

Prof. Jude Kimengsi,
- University of Bamenda, Cameroon

Co-Chair 2:

Prof. Mendi Grace Anjah,
- University of Bamenda

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